Monday, October 21, 2013

Spiders and Witches oh My!

I'm not so sure that anyone checks this anymore. I have been so absent. I found out that I'm pregnant and that has pretty much consummed my life lately. I'm finally in my second trimester and starting to feel a little better so I thought I would blog tonight. I hope you haven't given up on me. :) We've been studying spiders like crazy. My students are so into non-fiction it blows me away. Especially the facts they come up with after studying non-fiction. Today they were telling me all about the body parts of a spider. I was amazed at the names they could remember, like abdomen, and spinnerets. These first graders blow me away. Today as a wrap up to our study we made spider hats. They turned out so cute and several of them wanted their spider hat to have 6-8 eyes. They were so proud of their hats that they wanted to wear them all day even in the hallway where others could see. They were too cute. 
 I told them they had to cut 8 lines because spiders have 8 legs. I found a great idea of using an elastic to attach them together. You staple the elastic to both sides. Then it gives them plenty of room to fit their head in between. Then you're not measuring all their heads perfectly.
 We've also made our hallway witches and they turned out so cute. I love seeing all the different ways they come up with to decorate theirs. 
 One boy in my class was adamant that he wasn't going to make a witch, his was going to be a wizard. 
 We had to add warts to our witches too. Chick peas worked out perfectly.
 I love the different hair ideas they come up with.
I'm loving this holiday. It always feels like there isn't enough time to fit every fun thing I want to do in.
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