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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teaching with Style

 I can't believe I'm actually blogging my outfits. This isn't anything spectacular but here is what I wore to parent teacher conference today. I never had any idea how hard it is to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. I feel like such a DORK!!  But I couldn't miss linking up with Mrs. Prince teaching with style. I have always been a girl who LOVES clothes. In fact I got in trouble in JR. High for watching what everyone was wearing instead of focusing on grades. WHOOOPS!! Now I have a daughter and I love dressing her. I feel like I'm playing barbies all over again.
 Skirt and necklace from DownEast. I love DownEast for teacher clothes. Top from Bella Me. I love Bella ME it is my all time favorite store. They have the cutest clothes. They have a Facebook page you should check it out. Shoes from Dillards. Do you know about their after Christmas sale? I got these shoes for 10.00 regularly 50.00. It is the best sale EVER. I go every year and buy about five pairs of shoes. Mark it on your calendar right now, so you won't forget. It's on mine :). Don't mind the Halloween washcloth in the background. Don't you love when you notice things in the background after you have taken the picture.
what is up with my double chin? NOT A GOOD ANGLE!

You should link up too. She is giving away 2 free products to her store. I thought it was worth just linking up for that!
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