Monday, October 29, 2012

Motivational Monday

 I am linking up with The Learning TreeSmiling in Second and Classroom Cupcakes for their Motivational Monday Linky Party: I love these ecards they crack me up every time I read them. All of the ones I chose are teacher related. 

So true this year!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ghost on a stick! Halloween party game idea.

It's that time of year again. When we as teachers either have parents planning a party for our classroom. Or if you're like me on several instances. I've had to plan my own Halloween party for my class. Well if you have to plan or if a parent may need an idea. Here is one for you. It's called ghost on a stick. Real original right? Anyway..... here's how it rolls: First I give each child a tootsie pop and a tissue and some string. I know that was hard. Then they tie it off and make cute little eyes and a mouth to make it look like a ghost.  when they tie it off they need to leave the string long. so they can put the ghost on the floor and be able to pull it. 
A couple of years ago we played this game at a family party. That same year we played it in my classroom for our PTA party. I found this site HERE it has a rap, to ghost on the stick. You can also watch the video. It's a little creepy though. How to Play: You need a pan lid.  We had all the kids put their ghosts on a stick in the middle of the table. Every time the rap said ghost on a stick. The kids would have to pull their stick out of the circle before the pan lid trapped their ghost underneath. You could listen to the song if you didn't want to read the rap.   

These are my nieces and nephews playing ghost on a stick. 
This is my little guy playing. He wasn't too happy when his ghost on a stick got trapped under the pan lid.  It made me feel bad that he got so upset over it. 

You could also use dice instead of the song. You could have the kids roll a dice and if it lands on a certain number the  pan lid hits the ghosts on a stick. How do you celebrate Halloween? I would love to hear your party ideas. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I know you're probably still thinking about Halloween and all the fun activities there are still to do! I want to put a little plug in your ear. Last year on Veterans Day we wrote letters to the Veterans. It was such a neat experience. It made my students so thankful to live in the country we live in. If you would like your class to write letters here is the site:

I plan on doing it again this year! Veterans day is on Monday, November 12, 2012.  How do you celebrate Veterans Day?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adverbs and Giveaway WINNERS!!

I have been working like CRAZY on this adverb unit. It's finally finished it's on sale right now for 2.00 however tomorrow it will go up to it's original price of 3.75. This unit is a great way of teaching adverbs if you would like to check it out click HERE
 Also this paper is included in my unit as well. If you would like a copy of it click HERE: It's a freebie!

 Now time for the giveaway. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who put it. I didn't want there to just be one winner because there were so many great prizes and I wanted more than one person to win. I chose 10 winners each person will win one of the products. So the order they are in on my giveaway is the item you won. I will be emailing all of you tomorrow. I need to go to bed or I would do it tonight. 
 Have a great night!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky Adjectives (Freebie)

I'm trying to get into the Halloween spirit. I made a mini spooky adjective unit. I'm in the process of trying to get my kids outfits ready for Halloween. This year my son wants to be Frankenstein. He was so excited when he saw this clip art in this mini unit, because it has a Frankenstein. My aunt made this darling hat for him. I will post pictures when it's closer to Halloween.  If you would like to download it click here: I would love any feedback.  Also don't forget to put in for the 200 follower giveaway. It's almost about to close. I'm excited to find out who won! I also appreciate everyone that blogged about it. It really helped to get the word out. The blogging world is AMAZING!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

200 Follower Giveaway

I can't believe I have 200 followers I started this blog about 2 years ago and quit about after a month of doing it. I just didn't have the time to do it. Then this summer I decided I needed to focus on this blog once again and I can't believe I'm at 200 followers. I am so thankful to all the amazing bloggers and artists that donated items to this giveaway.I just want to say thanks for following this little ole' blog. You are in for a treat. All of these products are so darn cute! I wonder if I can put in for my own giveaway. HA! I wish. So let's get started:

Michelle  from The 3am Teacher is offering a gift certificate, the winner can choose any one set of their choice from her store.
Nikki from Melonheadz Illustrations is also offering any clip art set of your choice. 

Ginger from Ginger Snaps is offering her land form clip art set. 

Tammy from Dots of Fun is giving away a clip art set of your choice from her store

Christy and Tammy from Fluttering through First Grade are giving away their Halloween Sight Word Spook packet

Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars is giving away any product from her store.
Heather from The Busy Busy Hive is  giving away any product from her store.

Cindy from Granny Goes to School is offering her Turkey Craftivity and her Fall Roll and Cover from her store.

 I'm offering my new probability unit from my store.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I've been boo-ed!

I've been boo-ed by Granny Goes to School I think this will be a fun linky party. Thanks for thinking of me :)

Here are the rules.................................................................
Here is my Halloween Share list: First off have you seen these darling free printables if you want to boo a neighbor or maybe another class? I found this darling printable at I am going to start boo-ing classrooms at my school tomorrow. This is the cute sign I'm going to put on their door:
Then I'm going to attach this to a bag of candy. I made these instructions so if you want to grab a copy go for it: HERE

I can't take credit for this next idea. I teach part-time and the lady I job share with well she came up with this darling idea. She has the students make black cats and they use dum dums for the eyes. Then on the outside of the pumpkin they write a joke and then you pull the stem and the answer is inside. These were a big hit at parent teacher conferences tonight. All of the parents wanted to see their child's and read their joke. Too cute!!

I'm passing the BOO onto these other great bloggers, so be sure to stop by for their Halloween goodies and great ideas. 
Mrs. Goodwin at ilive2learnilove2grow
Kelley at Buggy for Second Grade
If you would like to grab this mini-unit for free you can. I just put it on TPT. You can grab it HERE

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teaching with Style

 I can't believe I'm actually blogging my outfits. This isn't anything spectacular but here is what I wore to parent teacher conference today. I never had any idea how hard it is to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. I feel like such a DORK!!  But I couldn't miss linking up with Mrs. Prince teaching with style. I have always been a girl who LOVES clothes. In fact I got in trouble in JR. High for watching what everyone was wearing instead of focusing on grades. WHOOOPS!! Now I have a daughter and I love dressing her. I feel like I'm playing barbies all over again.
 Skirt and necklace from DownEast. I love DownEast for teacher clothes. Top from Bella Me. I love Bella ME it is my all time favorite store. They have the cutest clothes. They have a Facebook page you should check it out. Shoes from Dillards. Do you know about their after Christmas sale? I got these shoes for 10.00 regularly 50.00. It is the best sale EVER. I go every year and buy about five pairs of shoes. Mark it on your calendar right now, so you won't forget. It's on mine :). Don't mind the Halloween washcloth in the background. Don't you love when you notice things in the background after you have taken the picture.
what is up with my double chin? NOT A GOOD ANGLE!

You should link up too. She is giving away 2 free products to her store. I thought it was worth just linking up for that!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Currently October (freebie)/ 200 Follower Giveaway?

Wow, I can't believe it is October already. My all time favorite month is October. I love the crisp leaves and the temperatures. Our mountains covered in red, yellow, and  green is just beautiful. Here's a peek at my two little cuties in the fall leaves.  We have been making skeletons in my classroom. Have you heard dem bones on You Tube? Of course you probably have. It's my students favorite. They love to do the actions too. I think they could listen to it all day. Here it is::

 We made these cute crafts from crafts-for-all-seasons. The kids loved making them. Then we filled out this acrostic poem to go with it. I wish I had taken a picture of the finished product but you can get the idea. If you would like to snag a copy. I put it in google docs. I know the name is higher on the second one. I tried everything to fix it and it just wouldn't work for me. It was one of those nights. But once they're cut apart you can't even tell. 

 I'm also linking up with Farley I love how she writes she cracks me up every time I read her blog. I can't believe I'm at 200 followers. I would love to do a giveaway if anyone is interested in donating a product I WOULD LOVE IT. Shoot me an email.

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