Friday, February 19, 2016

Handwriting Help... Giveaway

Do you have students who struggle with their handwriting and it's so hard to read? I have found the best product. It doesn't come with just one pencil grip, but three. Each pencil grip step helps correct the way they were holding the pencil. My daughter is very bright but has always struggled with handwriting. We've tried teaching her the correct way to hold her pencil and as a teacher this has driven me nuts. What teacher wants to hear at their child's conference that their child has bad handwriting and it isn't legible. So when the pencil grip contacted me I was ready to try anything. Honestly I have to say this is one of the best. It has different stages to help your students become better at their handwriting. The colors are fun and bright and my kids were fighting over who got to use them

 This is my daughter doing her homework with the first step pencil grip.

Honestly I wish I had a before and after but I can actually read what she is writing. This is huge difference.

 This is my son using one of the other grips on his homework.
 I love how it shows them the correct way to hold the pencil. Plus it's soft so it doesn't hurt their little hands when they're trying to hold it correctly. . I know my students in my classroom are going to love this product too.

The pencil grip is being so generous and is giving away 2 packets with the three pencil grips inside them. I'm going to draw the winner from my Instagram Account. If you want the chance to win one, go over there and enter. I'm excited to see who wins.

If you're interested in getting some pencil grips for yourself. Check them out:


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