Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who is Rikki Lee?

I'm linking up with Step Into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons
She is doing a linky party on telling crazy things about ourselves. In the picture above My favorite cousin Katie and I are at a live show of Studio 5. It's a local show that I love. They do lots of crafts and tips. You should totally check it out.They have a website. I watch it almost every day and I was so excited to go to a LIVE Show of it. I live in Utah and yes I'm a Mormon. I love my faith and I'm so grateful to have the gospel in my life. 

This is my cute daughter Karly. I have an OBSESSION with CLOTHES and when I had my daughter it was like playing Barbies all over again. I love dressing her and finding different things. 

These are my pride and joys. Karly and Noah. I love finding  different hats to put on my children. I love the cupcake hat. 

I have the an obsession with parties. I love to throw parties. All my relatives think I'm CRAZY because I want my kids birthdays to be PERFECT.  I have a way of STRESSING myself out preparing for them. They all roll their eyes at me, especially my husband. 

Every year for Halloween I do a theme with my children. This is last years picture of my two kids. 

These are my BEST FRIENDS. I don't see them enough. I need more girl time. They were all my college roommates. Who would have thought that we would have all got a long and became such good friends. 

 My friends and I always have the craziest parties this was one of the many. This was my birthday and they each took a picture of me and took gum and decorated the picture. They turned out pretty CRAZY! We voted on the best. I think the one that won was the Medusa at the bottom.
Pedicures are the BEST! Every summer I get one. 

This was a life long dream of mine. My husband took me to Hawaii. It was AMAZING!! However while we were there my daughter decided that would be the best time to learn how to start walking. I was so sad I missed that special moment with her.

My cute little family

These are from the time I went skydiving. It was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I got up in the plane and decided I didn't want to do it anymore. Too bad for me they made me jump anyway. Skydiving is more exhilarating than any roller coaster I have ever been on. 


  1. Love pedicures and parties too!

    ✣ Miss Nelson✣
    Miss Nelson’s Blog

  2. Love those crazy pictures your friends did... how fun! I also LOVE Hawaii! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love planning parties as well. I haven't had too many opportunities yet, but cannot wait to plan some for my kiddos. Your little ones are adorable :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. Nice to meet ya! I love your bee theme!

    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
    Please join me for my giveaway!

  5. Hi Rikki!
    I just wanted to say thank you for following my blog! I couldn't find and email address for you so I am writing in this comment box...hope its ok!!!As of right now I have 8 people who have donated items to my giveaway. If you still wanted to join that would be great or just wait for the next one...its really up to you!!! I would just need to know before tonight, b/c it starts tomorrow morning as I would need to add you to the post b/4 tomorrow. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness either way! I started following you now too!
    Thanks again!
    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  6. I would LOVE to go to Hawaii someday! Thanks for sharing those great things about yourself!

    Would love if you would stop by my blog-I have a FREEBIE for second grade math journals!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  7. I love your family pic! So cute!!!

    Hop on over and check out my blog!
    Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

  8. Your family is precious! I am your newest follower. :)

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  9. LOVE pedicures. Just one during the summer? I'm obsessed! I stopped getting acrylics so that I would have more money to spend on pedicures!

    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. I try to get at least one if not MORE!! I love pedicures they are there BEST!

  10. Love pedicures! One a month is my splurge:)
    The Resourceful Apple

  11. Pedicures are FABULOUS... I'm just not sure that I could skydive though! YIKES

    Make sure to stop by and enter my giveaway

  12. I saw you on the Tell Me More Linky! I love throwing parties too!
    Fancy Free in FourthI

  13. Going to Hawaii was a lifelong dream of mine as well and my husband and I just got back last Friday! It was amazing! Where did you go?

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  14. I am finally gettin' in on this party . . . fashionably late??!! Your post was such fun to read. Your kiddos are absolute cuties. Thing 1 & 2 is my favorite picture for sure. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  15. I love the Thing 1 and Thing 2! So adorable:) I always call my littles "Thingy 1 and Thingy 2". Skydiving is on my list of things to do too. Way to go!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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