Sunday, December 30, 2012

Capo and Stubs Giveaway Winner!

I have been MIA. I ended getting Influenza A and I'm just now starting to feel a tiny bit better. It's seriously the pits. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER miss getting a flu shot again. Luckily today is my last day of Tamiflu. I'm so thankful for that little drug. I can't imagine how much worse it would have been without it. I've never been that sick before.

The winner of the Capo and Stubs giveaway is Amy Marshall. Amy I will email you right now so I can get your address. Thank you to everyone who entered!


  1. My son just had the worst flu ever, so I'm sorry to hear about you having it, too! Glad you're bouncin' back!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. Sorry to hear that you were so ill. Glad to know that you are recovering.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I hope you get better soon!!..So many people are with with the flu in my town. Many people who got a flu shot still got sick with it. It must be a bad strand this year. Be sure to rest up the rest of your break!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

    1. Ladies,
      Thank you so much! I appreciate all the well wishes. I'm so happy to be recovering!

  4. Hope you feel better really soon!
    My Second Sense

  5. I hope you are feeling better now. The flu has definitely been going around. I get the flu shot every year, but last year I got the flu in March. A couple of weeks later I got pneumonia and then a couple of weeks after that I had pink eye. Ugh! I'm hoping to stay away from the flu this year.


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